Thursday, September 1

What Do I Do When I'm Not Flying?

Hi everyone.

Apologies for not posting on Monday - I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, and even though I could access my blog, it was such a short trip that I decided to make the most of my shopping experience instead of blogging.

Guess who called me shortly before my flight was due to board?

The Oil and Gas Manager! 

He was on his way to New York and wanted to know if I was on duty that night. Yes I was, but enroute Johannesburg, not New York. He sounded disappointed, so I promised to ask a colleague and friend, who was on his flight, to take good care of him. I did. She obliged.

He called this morning to say thank you - he had been treated like royalty on the flight, courtesy moi. You are welcome sir - one good turn certainly deserves another, was my reply. What do you guys say?

Back to my shopping galore.

One of the advantages of being an Airline cabin crew is that I can do "other things" with my free time between flights, for example, blogging.

One of the other things that I do, is buying and reselling. I'm a merchant of some sort - I buy unique pieces of jewellery from the many cities I visit, and resell to family, friends, and aquintances, when I get back home.

Word about these unique jewellery pieces has spread quite a bit, and they are now so much in demand that I "constantly" have people ringing me up on the phone to enquire about them and/or to buy some. Hence, my frequent trips to malls, markets, exhibition centres, etc. to pick up new finds.

One of my favourite cities to buy jewellery is Johannesburg - hand crafted, ethnic pieces, that is. There's just something so special about them that I, and all my customers seem to love.

A few months ago, I decided to try my hands on bags, in addition to jewellery. The bags flew out of my hands like hot cakes - including the two I got for myself! hmmmm, maybe, just maybe, when I retire from air hostessing, I'll consider opening a boutique, and then expand into shoes, clothing, etc. 

Of course, there's something else (or perhaps someone) that endears Jo'burg to me. I'll tell you about it next week.

I'm Coco

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  1. Well, it sounds like we found eachother just in time! I can't wait to hear more about Jo'burg (or perhaps "someone" who resides there!).

    Just wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting and following my blog. I really appreciate it! I'm your newest follower, cheers!!


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