Monday, August 15

Dating a Fellow Cabin Crew

Well, not exactly dating - we are not exclusive or anything serious like that - we are just into each other and like to hang out often. It's a long-standing, open-ended relationship, that was brought about as a result of work.

We were, and still are, almost always on the same flights. For several months in a year, Mark (that's his name) and I would have the same flight schedules - travelling to the same destinations on the same flights, spending the same number of days at our destination city, and returning on the same flights.

We saw a lot of each other and quite naturally, we became close.

Mark is very easy on the eye - he's tall, has a very good body build, and a handsome face. He's also very funny and very friendly. Add all this together and you get every woman's dream man right? lol.

Of course, I'm a pretty good looker myself, and I have a banging body (Mark's words) so I'm easy match for him yeah?

Mark is also a Cabin Service Supervisor (CSS). He was a Senior Cabin Crew when I joined the airline.

In the beginning days of our friendship/relationship, he would do everything possible to ensure that we worked in the same Cabin. When we couldn't, he would leave his duty post in Upper/Business Class, several times during a flight, to come hang out with me in Economy, or vice versa.

It wasn't long before colleagues noticed Mark was always hanging around me or asking after me, or generally seeking to do one thing or the other for me, on and off board, and the rumours soon began to fly - as high as the aircrafts we flew in.

The general consensus among colleagues is that we are an item. We don't dispute it, but we don't accept either. Let their imaginations keep running wild.

Mark is really sweet, and very gentlemanly. He says "please, and thank you, and excuse me, and may I?" all of which I really like. He opens doors and pulls out seats, and pays lots of endearing comments.

He's also very touchy-feely.

Stay hooked,

I'm Coco.

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