Monday, August 8

My First Business Card

Ironically, I attracted my very first business card.

I had only been a couple of months with the airline when I sighted this young man in the Economy Cabin. He had an uncanny resemblance to my ex-boyfriend (we had split because he thought my job would disrupt our relationship).

I kept walking to and fro the cabin just to stare look at him. At some point, his friend who was sitting next to him in the window seat nudged him, and signalled for him to follow the direction of his eyes. I had been caught.

They probably thought I had been checking them or at least one of them, out so Mr Friend came to chat me up in the Galley. I stopped him in his tracks by telling him I knew they had caught me shamelessly staring, but it was only because his friend looked like my ex. "Oh!" He said. "I'd let him know that, excuse me please" and he was gone.

Shortly afterwards, Mr look-alike walked into the galley. I swear he looked exactly like my ex boyfy. The height, slim build, facial features, even his teeth! When he spoke, I nearly screamed - I kid you not, but they even sounded alike. It was unsettling.

Anyways, we got talking and I got to learn a bit about him. I wanted to know if he had a twin or if he had been adopted - silly question to ask someone you are meeting for the first time? I know!

Well, he wasn't a twin, he hadn't been adopted, and he had never met or heard of my ex.

I still had a picture of my ex in my purse and I showed it to him and a few of my colleagues who were hanging out in the galley - they were all stunned at the resemblance.

Long story short, he gave me his business card - he was a designer for a very well known fashion house. He wanted my number too, so we could go out for a drink at our destination city, but I said I'd call him.

I never did. 1 person who looked liked that was enough for me.

The fasten-seat-belt signs are on.

I'm Coco.

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