Monday, August 1

A Brief History and Some Current Affairs

I joined the Airline 4 years ago, as a fresh University graduate. Many thought I was silly not to apply to the Graduate Programme instead. But I'd always wanted to be an Air Hostess.

All those years of travelling on holidays - I admired the pretty cabin crew in their smart uniforms and short skirts. I paid rapt attention to in-flight safety demonstrations and knew most of them by heart, well before I joined the Airline. I saw their job as customer service - up, close and personal. I wanted to travel the world for FREE!

So there was never any doubt in my mind that once I had satisfied my parents' desire for a graduate daughter, I would pursue my dream of becoming a cabin crew with one of the best airlines in the world - and I have!

Of course being a cabin crew is not all rosy - there are down days - like the day a passenger made me cry because I forgot to give her her duty free shopping. Or the time when someone referred to my colleagues and I as a pack of illiterates - I wanted to bring my degree certificate out and whoop them in the face with it.

Sometimes, we bear the brunt of flight delays - nothing we do seems to please or placate the angry passengers on such flights - but we have to stay professional and handle things calmly and maturely.

I love everything about my job - the good days, the bad days, and the ugly days - all add up to make my job interesting and varied.

Most of my colleagues prefer to work in Upper or Business Class - the passengers there are more reasonable, they say. But I actually like working the Economy and Premium Economy Cabins - the variety, the exciting challenges, the opportunity to task myself and make good use of my fine customer service skills, often prove too much of a temptation to resist.

Did I mention that I  have exceptional customer service skills?

Well, I do. The service skills that sometimes made 2 Cabin Supervisors fight over who got me in their cabin. The same skills that helped me become a Cabin Service Supervisor myself. Yes, the same skills that attract many passengers (especially male ones) to me and leave me with an average of 3 business cards per flight - no kidding!

Till next week, 

I'm Coco.

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